The World We Used to Live In – Remembering the Powers of the Medicine Man

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Written By Vine Deloria, Jr.

Read by Native American actor and Hollywood Star Wes Studi
Avatar, Geronimo, Last of the Mohicans, Hostiles

This book is a priceless addition to the history of humankind.
— Huston Smith, author of The World’s Religions

Well researched, lucidly written, and full of passion, this insightful compilation is an outstanding resource on Native American thought.
— Library Journal
© 2006 Vine Deloria, Jr.

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4 reviews for The World We Used to Live In – Remembering the Powers of the Medicine Man

  1. Gabriel Durham

    Fantastic portrayal of Vine’s work. This kind of wisdom began as a verbal tradition and its return to such an intimate and vocal style of story telling just seems so right!

  2. Shara Thome

    I am still reading the book.

  3. Wilding (verified owner)

    Vine Deloria one of the modern worlds great thinkers tells of the ways that were well used and once lived. Excellent work and read for all

  4. Barry Everett

    Long awaited audio version of the book. Deloria’s work is an expansive survey of the icons that shaped our spiritual legacy.

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